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Product Description

Casie has hand selected these products specifically for the ladies and has thrown in some options for creams and brushes and a few razors to choose from!  Her recommendation for the shave routine is as follows:

PREP Make sure to use good prep. Take a hot shower and wash your legs with a glycerin soap. You can even use a pre shave or some Conditioner if you don’t have pre shave. Rub it on your legs and let it soften the hairs.

LATHER Put your lather right on top. You may have to build multiple lathers until you get used to making a decent lather. This is why I love shave sticks. Rub that bad boy on your legs and it will help supplement your lather so you know you have enough. Do one section of leg at a time. Lower, lower, upper, upper. You can even do lower front, lower back…This is so your lather doesn’t dry out. You will get faster with time then can do one whole leg.  Be patient!

SHAVE Make sure to shave with the grain first pass. You want to reduce the amount of hair. Then you can go across the grain. I would maybe leave out against the grain until you get a hang of it. I, personally, only do one pass. From ankle to hip, but if you are prone to irritation I suggest starting with out as I stated above. You can decide for yourself what passes are best for your legs.

 Be very careful around the knees and ankles. Use no pressure and keep the angle at about 30-35 degrees on all the curves. To make sure you have the correct angle, lay the head of the razor on your skin and rock it down until the blade touches your skin. To maintain the correct angle on all curves you will use short strokes. You want to change the angle with each curve of your leg. To get the back of your knee lock your knee and turn it inward. Then very carefully with no pressure get the inner part of the knee. With the back of the thigh I have had the best luck with bending down, or bringing the thigh up where my thigh is on my chest. This stretches the back of the thigh making it easier to shave. Do not shave on an area without lather. If you need to make touch ups, re-lather.

Be very careful around all your curves/contours/muscles. I can not say it enough, use short strokes! Also check out my Leg Shaving  Video and my Underarm shaving video for starters. Good Luck ladies, and email me anytime you have questions! is my personal email if you dont want Brad reading what you have to say!  -Casie Maggard

This package includes the following items:

-Maggard Razors MR7, MR9, MR18c, or my personal favorite the MR18 -If purchasing the MR18c, please read description first.

or the

-Parker 29L – A copy of the Lady Gillette. This razor has a long knurled handle and has a convenient twist to open design

NEW~Edwin Jagger Peal Effect Rose, Lilac, and Pink now available!

-Your choice of some great smelling soaps or creams

-Various large brushes that are Casie approved. Choose from Boar, Horse, or Badger!

-5 different brands of blades to try including: Astra Platinum, Shark Super Stainless, Gillette 7′oclock Super Stainless (green), 7am Hi Platinum, and Big Ben Super Stainless.

-Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil


-Maggard Razors Alum block with plastic case 95g



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