Maggard Razors 22mm 2-Band Badger Shaving Brush, Aluminum Handle

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Made in China

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Product Description

New to the Maggard line of brushes!

2 Band Badger with solid Aluminum Handle finished in a hardened enamel gray finish.

Backbone and softness, at an exceptional price.


Knot Size: 22mm

Handle Height: 39mm

Loft: 54mm

Weight: 3 0z

Additional Information

Measurements May vary
Total Height






Handle Height


Handle Waist


3 reviews for Maggard Razors 22mm 2-Band Badger Shaving Brush, Aluminum Handle

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is my first 2-band badger shaving brush that I have purchased. Until now, I have only used a Muhle silvertip badger shaving brush. This 2-band badger brush has a nice soft feel when applying lather to the face. It has more backbone than my silvertip which made it very easy to whip up a lather in my bowl. I am impressed with the softness, knot size (22mm same as my silvertip) and performance. It is easy to grip and feels great in your hands. This is a fantastic brush for the money. I wish this brush was around before I bought my silvertip…could have saved a lot of money.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Thanks Maggard Razors – This is my first 2 Band Silver Tip brush, I thought weight might be on the light side no the loft might be to high no, the softness of the tips are not Plisson soft but I like the badger feel to me it has a warm softness it, and the look is great. received on the 01/03 and shaved the next day, I have seen reviews of Silver Tip Brushes and the user clam that using the silver tip or 2 Band it was the best shave the ever got, and I agree with them, I used a Proraso green with a Edwin Jagger head and a Derby blade Thank you Brad and Casie For sourcing this Brush.

  3. 4 out of 5


    A decent badger for the lowest possible cost, but could be improved.

    First, the aluminum handle is quite nice, but needs more articulation. The mid point is smooth with no guard or ridge, so even those with average sized hands will find their fingers getting smeared with lather from the bottom of the knot as they lather or load.

    Next, the high loft ensures an attractive bloom effect after the first lather, but the bloom and height also indicate a lack of density.This makes the brush look more like its actual price point, and also makes it hard to load enough lather for a full three passes. I would rather have seen: bigger diameter, denser clustering, shorter loft or all three to make the brush look nicer when seen from above and give it more load capacity.

    Finally, this brush is relatively short, and if you have a deep scuttle, the brush will tend to sink down very low in the scuttle and needs some hunting to pick it up again.

    It should also be noted that Maggard’s main competitor in-house to this model is their own black fiber synthetic, at half the price. The 22mm black fiber loads more easily (as do all synths) but also accommodates more lather and does not hog any during application. I have no problem getting three passes out of the 22mm black fiber synth, but usually need to add extra product with the 22mm badger, except when using very soft soaps that load easily. The face feel is softer with the synth, though not by much, and the badger has more backbone, but not to a huge degree. Ultimately, the badger competes due to its better handle, the synth competes due to cheaper price and better ability to be a travel brush.

    Ultimately though, the natural enemy of the $25 Maggard badger is the $38 Stirling badger. The Stirlings are denser, more ergonomic, and better proportioned, but have the usual resin handles and cost more. However, the Stirlings can fool you into thinking you are using a $100 SImpson, while that same deception cannot easily be experienced with the Maggard.

    The 22mm Maggard badger is a good first step, and I expect to see later editions of this brush with greater lofts, denser hair… and a higher price. Ultimately, if you want a badger brush and only want to spend $25 on it, this will serve you well as a starter. It’s an honest effort, and a well made brush, and if it came out a year ago (pre-Stirling) it would have been astounding, but as it stands, it is merely very good and an excellent value.

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